About us

The crawlii story

We have been in the social media business for many years.
We have tried a large number of methods to optimizing websites for our customers.
Often a lengthy and complicated process, but we found out that a lot of problems and issues repeat themselves on almost all websites.
We have developed an easy to use tool called “Crawlii.pro”, which can pinpoint most of the common errors and mistakes.
Crawlii.pro can be used for free, to give you the insight to correct your website´s errors by yourself.
Crawlii.pro will show you what we can help you correct, if you order our service via the included offer in each Crawlii.pro test result

Who we are

Our dedicated team will help your business in all kinds of interaction on social media.

Here we proudly introduce our new free tool Crawlii.pro.

Using Crawlii.pro will help optimize your communication with customers and business associates through improvements on your existing website.
You can use our tool for free and on your own, and benefit from the findings. A comprehensive report can be downloaded after each analysis.
We will also gladly assist you in analyzing and optimizing your website from the start to success based on findings from Crawlii.pro. An offer for this service is also included with every search done through Crawlii.pro
We help you use the full potential of your website, and you will improve on communication and interaction with your customers and other business relations.
You will see a much better output from your campaigns, media coverage and other actions you take online after using Crawlii.pro.
You will quickly see an improvement on search engine results giving you better rankings.
You will have a better chance of getting likes and followers on your social media, and in all improve your brand on those.


CRAWLII. PRO is a part of :

Fønslev Consult IVS, Kongevejen 337A, 2840 Holte, Denmark
Contact : support@crawlii.pro
CVR: DK 37625175