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Privacy Notice – Crawlii (we, us, our) operates The following notice explains how we collect,
process and use your personal data when you register for our services and deliver as well as the partners of

Who Has Access to Your Information? includes all entities that are controlled by:

Fønslev Consult IVS
Kongevejen 337A
2840 Holte
CVR: DK 37625175

What information do we collect and why do we use it?

While visiting one of our websites, you may be asked to provide personal information and data. This
information is used to provide you with the services or products you are interested in. This information may
be required when you place an order on one of our websites, complete your registration on one of our
websites or form an agreement with us.
We only require the information that is necessary to provide you with the services that you wish to
subscribe to. and its subsidiaries will only collect and use your personal information to fulfill your request for
our products and services. No personal information will be used for any other services or products that are
not compatible with the original purpose without your explicit consent. It should be noted that we may
compile your information for statistical purposes.

Legal Information for Processing Your Personal Information

The legal reasons for collecting and using the information you have provided to or a partner of
Fønslev Consult IVS will be to fulfill any agreement that you have made. We may also use your information
for any legal obligations as set forth by law. When you provide your information, you are giving consent to
use your information in conjunction with any agreement you have made as well as any legal obligations.
You may revoke this consent at any time and discontinue your service.

Sharing Your Personal Information
We will not share your personal information with any entity or person outside of unless there
is a legal reason for this, i.e. to help public authorities, such as the police, in their investigative purposes. will not share any personal information collected by us or our other subsidiaries to any outside
companies for the purposes of marketing their products and services. We may only transfer your personal
information and data to companies within the Fønslev Consult IVS group. Your information may be used for
marketing purposes; however, this is subject to current legislation concerning marketing.
We use a number of service providers for both operation and operational support. In the event that any of
our suppliers have access to any personal information and data that we have collected or processed, the
supplier will act as a sub-processor according to the written instructions and agreements from
We are responsible for all of our suppliers and require that they remain compliant with all personal
protection regulations as well as the general Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Updating and Correction Personal Information

We strive to keep all of your personal information updated. Sometimes we are dependent on you to
provide us with updated information. At other times, we will receive updates from public registers. If you
are receiving a delivery of a service, it is subject to you providing the personal information that is required.
This information is stated on the website and is covered under the terms and conditions of the service.

The Retention of Personal Information

Any personal information that you provide to us is processed and stored for as long as it is needed or valid.
After this time, we will retain your information for a limited time. Then, we will follow our company’s back-
up and deletion policies concerning the retention of personal data and information.

Transfers to Countries Outside of the EU/EEA

In certain instances, we may transfer your personal information to countries outside of the EU/EEA. These
transfers are subject to safeguards, including:

a. The country must be deemed to have adequate levels of protection concerning personal data and
information by the Commission of the European Union
b. If the Commission of the European Union has deemed that the country does not have adequate levels of
protection of your personal information and data, we will provide the appropriate safeguards for the
transfer of your personal information using the “Model Contracts for the Transfer of Personal Data to Third
Countries” that were published by Commission of the European Union or another contractual agreement
approved by the necessary authorities or in regard to the transfer of your personal data to the United
c. The company that the transfer of your data is going to is approved under the Privacy Shield Principles.

We are dedicated to protecting your data and personal information. We have adopted a set of internal
security policies and have educated our employees to ensure that they comply with all legislation
concerning Personal Data Protection. We have appropriate security measure in place to protect your
information from being altered, destroyed, lost or published unlawfully. Additionally, we will prevent
unauthorized persons from accessing your information. We will follow all legislation applicable to Personal
Data Protection.

What Are Your Rights?

  • You have the right to request access to, erasure of or rectification of your personal information.
  • You have the right to object to having your personal data processed. Furthermore, you can restrict the
    access to your personal data.
  • You have the right to object to using your personal information for any type of direct marketing purposes.
    Your withdrawal will not affect any processing of your information before your consent was withdrawn.
    You may withdraw your consent for specific services by following the instructions found at the specific
    service website.
  • You have the right to know how your personal information is structured and used as well as any machine-
    readable format (data portability).
  • You may file a complaint with your data protection supervisory authority, such as the Danish Data
    Protection Agency. There may be limitations or conditions to your rights. Therefore, there may be cases
    where your data deletion or portability cannot be completed.
    You can find more information about exercising your rights about your personal data and information by
    contacting at :

December 2018, Holte, Denmark